Advanced Aura with Sarah Owen

Recording of Live Class on February 3, 2020 at the Turf Valley Resort, Ellicott City, Maryland

Cost: $90 Recording



 The human aura or biofield has intrigued mystics and scientists alike for centuries.  

  • Does it exist?  
  • Can that be proven scientifically?  
  • If it does exist what does that mean for me?  
  • Can knowing about, sensing and working with my aura enhance my health and happiness?   
  • Can it free me from past hurts and entanglements?


This experiential class will present scientific evidence for the human biofield and help you connect with yours.  We will work with old and modern ways to assess the auric field, release old, unwanted energies from our fields and then super charge them!  


About the presenter:   Sarah Owen MS LPC EEM-AP CYT is faculty with the Eden Method Institute and has practiced and taught Eden Energy Medicine for over two decades.  The human biofield is a particular passion of hers as she’s had her own challenges with it!   It is the lightest and most easily influenced of our energy systems.  Sarah currently lives south of Dallas, TX and works with individuals locally and online.   She offers a unique blend of EEM and color therapy to heal body, mind and spirit.  



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