Class Location:

1032 Hoffmaster Rd

Knoxville, Maryland

United States

Class hours: 

     Thursday, May 16                      10:00 AM - 6:30 PM

    Friday, May 17                              9:00 AM - 6:30 PM

    Saturday, May 18                        9:00 AM - 6:30 PM

   Sunday, May 19                            9:00 AM -1:30 PM

    • This will have you checking in on Wednesday, May 15 no earlier than 4:00 pm and checking out on Sunday, May 19 by noon.
      Includes all meals and shared facilities in the house.

    • This will have you checking in on Thursday, May 16 and checking out on Sunday, May 19 by noon.
      Includes all meals and shared facilities in the house.

    • I want to have meals at Blue Mountain Retreat on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

    • There is a $40 commuter fee if you are not staying over and not purchasing the meal plan.


    Abundant Radiant Lyceum, LLC is actively monitoring the incidence of covid in our region. Abundant Radiant Lyceum, LLC is following guidance from the state and local health departments. At this time, our upcoming Class 1 will take place at Blue Mountain Retreat Center as planned. However, if you are sick or feeling you are getting sick, we ask that you please stay home.
    By clicking you acknowledge that by registering for and attending Class 1, you voluntarily assume all risks related to COVID exposure.
    Access to the videos and course book for each Class will be given about 4 weeks prior to class, if full payment has been received. Once access is granted in EEM Central, there will be no refunds for your class tuition.
    Withdrawals made prior to access to the Class Course Book and Videos in EEM Central will receive a full refund for tuition minus an $80 administrative fee.
    Withdrawals must be emailed to [email protected] and will be promptly acknowledged once received.
    If you do not notify us at all of your withdrawal (i.e. if you do not attend a class for which you registered), you will not receive any refund and you will also be responsible for all overnight charges that have been incurred in your name for that class.
    In the case of emergencies (death or injury) or catastrophic (natural or accidental) events, you may contact Sandi Roberts, [email protected], to discuss your situation. In these instances, decisions will be made on a case–by–case basis.
    It is your responsibility as a student to make up all work and instruction you miss if you fail to attend any of the four classes in this Level 1: Fundamentals program. Every effort will be made to work with you, including options such as review classes and private tutorials, at the student’s expense. You may also watch a digital recording of the missed class (filmed previously). You could also attend that class at another Level 1: Fundamentals location. A list of those classes can be found on the Innersource website: If you attend a class elsewhere, you may return to your original Level 1: Fundamentals location for the next class. Please discuss your options with your Level 1: Fundamentals teacher.
    Abundant Radiant Lyceum LLC Release Agreement
    I understand that Energy Medicine is an innovative approach to health care, which is only beginning to be investigated scientifically. I further understand that the training in Eden Method and other services I am or may be receiving from Abundant Radiant Lyceum LLC do not substitute for diagnosis and/or treatment from a qualified health practitioner for illnesses, injuries, or other medical conditions.
    I understand that some classes are videotaped, that these recordings may be distributed for educational purposes, and I give my permission for my participation to appear on these recordings. Video recording, without explicit permission from Abundant Radiant Lyceum LLC, is not allowed.
    Abundant Radiant Lyceum LLC staff reserves the right to prevent anyone from attending a class as it deems appropriate, or to require anyone to leave a class, as it deems appropriate, refunding only the prorated portion of the tuition not used.

    This class may use massage tables provided by Abundant Radiant Lyceum LLC, to lay on as a partner works with you during some of the practice sessions. This is basically a safe and sound practice that has been employed in the past by Innersource and many other groups that teach healing procedures.
    To avoid any possible mishaps, it is ultimately your responsibility to ensure that the table is set up correctly (that the legs are secured) and that the table is not damaged. Please be sure it can bear your weight by sitting on it first to test its ability to support you before committing yourself to lying down on it.
    By submitting this form, you agree to assume full responsibility for your safety in using a massage table for practice sessions. You agree to take the precautions described above and will not hold Abundant Radiant Lyceum LLC, any of its employees, associates, or contractors, or any venue Abundant Radiant Lyceum LLC works with, liable for any mishaps that might occur as a result of using massage tables in this manner.
    I also understand that any activity in which a person might participate involves some risk. In consideration of being permitted to enroll for the instructional and other services offered through Abundant Radiant Lyceum LLC, I release and hold Abundant Radiant Lyceum LLC, its agents, officers, employees, directors, successors, and affiliated corporations harmless, unless gross negligence can be demonstrated, from any claims arising out of my participation in the instructional or other services offered by Abundant Radiant Lyceum LLC, or the use of facilities and/or equipment it provides.
    We reserve the right to change the Foundations teacher for illness, emergent, or unforeseen circumstances.
    This class may be videotaped and photographed. The group demonstrations may also be filmed. I understand that I can fully participate in the class without volunteering to be a demonstration person. If I do serve as a demonstration person, I grant permission for my image and voice to appear in training programs produced by the instructors and their affiliates. I also realize I might appear in background audience shots, as well as other "still" photos taken by various Innersource staff members. I grant permission for my image to appear in any Abundant Radiant Lyceum LLC and Innersource publicity and social marketing efforts.


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